Four Benefits of Cloud Management System

Cross platform system integration

Through our system integration service API, we can connect a variety of third-party platforms, such as sales management system, logistics management systemand so on.

Information synchronization and sharing

Cloud digitization allows rapid information exchange among departments, reduces information asymmetry, and promotes smooth cooperation between departments.

Don't worry about remote work

The data of the local computer is converted to online operation, which supports the cooperation of multiple people at the same time. In case of being unable to go out due to epidemic situation and typhoon, there is no need to worry about the

Reduce operating costs by more that 20%

Create a personalized portal page management mechanism, master the key points of decision through the management tab, simplify the daily business management, and assist the boss to make decisions in 2 seconds.

Cloud Management System Pricing

Plan A
400,000 yuan
(VAT excluded)
  • System requirements planning
  • Database design
  • AWS architecture design
  • Server setup
  • Membership registration
  • Member area
  • Permission setting
  • Notification function
  • Maximum number of users 5
  • Data reporting function
  • Import / export of tables
  • SSL encryption protocol
  • Complete server backup
Plan B
700,000 yuan
(VAT excluded)
  • All features of an economic
  • programme
  • Maximum number of users 10
  • 5 customized tables
  • Upload the picture file
  • Batch upload data
  • Information historyreferences
  • Custom user groups
Customized Solution
900,000 yuan
(VAT excluded)
  • All features of a business-based
  • solution
  • Custom development API
  • Third-party login in series
  • Search engine concatenation service
  • Integration of gold flow / logistics API
  • Applying the Open Data API