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HELLO!!My name is bishu

Bark different. Join my community.

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What is BISHU ?

Community driven

Community driven

BISHU is fully decentralized and owned by its creative and vibrant community. We welcome and embrace perspectives to make of BISHU the best community in crypto.


Instant reward

For every transaction in BISHU's network (buy or sell), 3% of the transaction is distributed to existIng holders. That means you earn $BISHU just by holding it in your bag.

Safe and secure

Safe and secure

BISHU has been audited by a third-party firm to give our holders confidence.

Why do we BISHU ?

bishu This ismy story

Bishu Finance is a 100% grass-roots community driven cryptocurrency.

Like Dogecoin, and many others, I was abandoned by my developer in the early stages of my puppy life. But, like a Phoenix I shall rise. Reaching new voices, I aim to focus on providing to the most underserved communities in the world!

By creating a community driven donation wallet, my community votes on where to allocate Donations to serve animal shelters, homeless shelters, amongst other charities in need.

If you love my idea, join the community and begin the journey with the black doges.

How to buy BISHU !

DO You wantsome bishu ? bishu icon bishu icon bishu icon bishu icon
  • Install Metmask or Trust wallet

    For an easy set up, follow their guidline.

  • Connect your wallet to uniswap

    Go to and click the «use uniswap» button.
    Sign when Metamask or trust wallet ask you to.

  • Send some ETHEREUM to the wallet

    Once you’ve setup Metamask or Trustwallet, you can send some Ethereum (ETH) from an exchange like kraken, Coinbase or Binance.
    Or if you prefer you can use your credit card with real money !

  • Swap your ETH for BISHU

    Now you can swap your ETH for BISHU. Don’t forget to set your slippage at 4-5% !
    Select the amount of ETH you wish to convert in BISHU.

  • Click the «swap» button to finalize

    I also recommend using the FAST option in Metamask
    for gas fee then clicking save.

Read the whitepaper


The project seems obscure to you ?

You can take a deeper dive into BISHU by reading our whitepaper.
It is updated regularly
with key information about the project!

BISHU Roadmap

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  • 1


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    • new revised website
    • CoinGecko listing
    • 1st community and team organized donation campaign
    • 1st CEX listing
    • 5,000 BISHU holders
    • 10,000 users in our telegram community
    • updated whitepaper
    • CoinMarketCap listing
  • 2


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    • Securing Funding
    • Bigger marketing
    • First donation campaign
    • 20,000 BISHU holders
    • Dog Park/ Defi
    • 3rd CEX listing
    • 4th CEX listing
  • 3


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    • Major Marketing campaign
    • Second donation campaign
    • Influencer marketing Partnerships
    • 50,000 BISHU holders
    • Merchandise store
    • 5th CEX listing
    • 6th CEX listing
    • NFT based partnerships
  • 4


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    • Major fund raising initiatives
    • Major marketing campaign
    • 100,000 BISHU holders
    • 1st Tier 1 CEX Listing
    • 2nd Tier 1 CEX Listing
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  • 50

    market cap

    charity icon

    First community and team organized donation campaign to Baffi e Code in Lovorno, Italy

  • 100

    market cap

    charity icon

    Community and team organized donation campaign in Kansas City, United States

  • 200

    market cap

    charity icon

    Community and team organized donation campaign to a homeless shelter, TBA

  • 250

    market cap

    charity icon

    Porsche Taycan 2S GIVEAWAY

    Community and team donation ‘Saving the Rhino Initiative’

    Take BISHU to South Africa

  • 500

    market cap

    charity icon

    Community and team organized donation campaign donation partner TBA

    Support to autism / mental health initiatives

  • 700

    market cap

    charity icon

    Partnerships with Blockchain / Tech solutions

    Support to ‘Assist the elderly - bakery initiative’

  • 1b

    market cap

    charity icon

    Founding Coding Academy Founding of a coding academy for underprivileged youth

    Led by CodeCaliber


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